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  • RS 2001
  • Film Mounting Adhesive
    with brush for manual application
  • 100 ml
    6 pieces per sale unit *

RS 2001

The product:

RS is a synthetic caoutchouc baed adhesive. TS 2001 is the thinner it's a petroleum based solvent. RS is lideally suited for quick manual positive stripping work. RS dries glass clear, will not squeeze out in vacuum frame and will not yellow, even after years of storage. RS can be applied to sections only or right across halftone, text and solids, however highly flammable. Compliance to OSHA Standards, EPA approved.

The application:

Use the built in brush (inside lid) and apply adhesive solidly or in spots only. Let it dry for about two minutes (it would bond immediately and at once if you wait longer). To remove, separate film and carrier and clean both sides with RC Film Cleaner.

Useful hints:

Apply adhesive thin and evenly, let it dry completely. Position film and press down. RS adhesive will not damage or discolor film or carrier.

  • RS 2001
  • Film Mounting Adhesive with brush
    1 liter refill bottle
  • 1000 ml
    1 pieces per sale unit *

See product data sheet of RS 2001 (product right above this one).

  • TL 2001
  • Typolin Adhesive
    for Machine Application
  • 250 ml
    1000 ml
    4 pieces per sale unit *

TL 2001

The product:

TL adhesive has been especially developed for machine application on coating equipment for positive stripping work. Can be used in all commercially available units, built for this purpose. TL can be solidly applied across halftone, text and solids. TL dries within minutes and becomes glass clear – and can be positioned at that moment. The drying time is dependent on the thickness of the adhesive application. The dryer the coating the stronger the bonding to the carrier. TL is a synthetic caoutchouc and synthetic resin based product, highly flammable. TS 2001 is the thinner it's made from petroleum based solvents. Compliance to OSHA Standards, EPA approved.

The application:

Fill TL in the approprioate bottles that are supplied with the machine and let the machine run until the roller have reached an even coating. Once the tank has adjusted to the bottle contents, the adjustment of the actual adhesive thickness can be made. Once applied, the adhesive will dry quickly and the page can be positioned.

  • TS 2001
  • Thinner for Typosol
  • 1000 ml
    4 pieces per sale unit *

TS 2001

The product:

TS is a thinner for RS adhesive or TL Typosol – changes the viscosity. TS can be applied in large or small amounts. The more TS is added, the weaker the adhesive „pull“. Also, adding more TS is making TL dry faster. Balance drying speed against „adhesive pull required“, highly flammable. Compliance to OSHA Standards, EPA approved.

The application:

Fill TS in the bottles supplied with the coating machine. Adjust viscosity as required, make tests.

Useful hints:

TS can also be used to change the viscosity of RS adhesive.

* Orders can also be different from the standard packages.