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Mounting & Adhesive Technology

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Product name

Product description
Contents / measures per piece

TS 2001

Thinner for Typosol

1000 ml

4 pieces per sale unit *

The product:

TS is a thinner for RS adhesive or TL Typosol – changes the viscosity. TS can be applied in large or small amounts. The more TS is added, the weaker the adhesive „pull“. Also, adding more TS is making TL dry faster. Balance drying speed against „adhesive pull required“, highly flammable. Compliance to OSHA Standards, EPA approved.

The application:

Fill TS in the bottles supplied with the coating machine. Adjust viscosity as required, make tests.

Useful hints:

TS can also be used to change the viscosity of RS adhesive.

* Orders can also be different from the standard packages.

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